forest scanner

Forest inventory on a single tree level

Our forest scanner is a optical sensor system for measurement of trees and forest stands. The scanner can be carried by hand or mounted on a forest vehicle. We use state-of-the-art sensor technology for data collection, which provides a comprehensive 3D reconstruction of the forest.

We apply artificial intelligence for automatized tree detection and classification. Important forestry parameters, as diameter at breast height (dbh), tree species (most important economic species), and stand map and basal area are derived from this data.

Cost effective digital full stock inventory can be achieved through the fast data collection process (e.g. for forest valuation). The data enables efficient resource management with detailed decision support systems. We provide easy integration in your forest information system and forest growth simulation software.

wood scanner

Optical measurement of wood stacks, logs and woodchip piles

A 3D representation of the wood stack, log or woodchip pile is captured with the handy device and our software automatically determines the measurements on the spot (e.g. gross volume, stem count).

The take is done from the forest road by pointing towards the object. No additional scales or markers are needed as we use calibrated sensors to measure. The device can be operated freely in the surrounding of the target within varying distances. In addition to the measurements the camera images can be used to document wood damages.

Our analysis software automatically detects single stems by cutting surface. Together with the 3D model, it derives the volume and stem count. The user gets a measurement protocol and a data packet for the integration of the results in a custom information system.