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We develop solutions for mobile 3D data acquisition and automatic data analysis.

We make technical innovations in the field of artificial intelligence and 3D reconstruction available for practical applications. We use state-of-the-art mobile sensor technologies and combine them with automatic data analysis. We take great account on usability and tailor our solution to best fit our customer’s needs.

Our products and services are made to help our customers to stream line their data acquisition by simultaneously increase information output.

For forestry and timber industry, we currently develop an innovative mobile sensor system for measurement of trees and round wood.

Our partners

Our three technological bases


Forms of artificial intelligences contribute widely to further development of industries. It is from great use for digitalisation of former analogue processes. AI is especially useful for any kind of application, where fast object detection and automatic classification is needed, e.g. for inspections or in robotics.


One can not imagine todays industries without modern sensor technology. Remote sensing, as an example, has provided large scale geo information and changed the way we see our planet. But, we are not limited to satellites. Particularly, optical sensor systems for close range remote sensing have several applications, e.g. for measurement tasks.


However, sensor technology alone is not the key for increased efficiency, it’s mobillity is often decisive. Thus, we made it one of of our basic philosophies to design our solutions in terms of flexibility and mobility. Depending on the use case, we apply drones, smart phones or other wearable sensor systems.

Your benefits

time saving

Cost-effective processes through fast data aquisition and easy handling

3D data

Digital 3D data enables spatial measurements of any surroundings


Increase information gain with automatic data analysis